EdTech: 21st Century Training and Online Learning

Our Online Learning Offer
  • Development of online and digital qualifications/courses for industry and education
  • Integration and re-purposing of existing qualifications and courses for becoming online ready
  • Quality Assurance consultancy for online learning and assessment
  • Technology and infrastructure consultancy 


Cogito is leading a European collaboration funded through the Erasmus+ programme. IDEAL will search, evaluate and disseminate international best practices promoting new online/blended learning approaches capable of delivering high academic/technical qualifications, high-level and graduate degrees.

The project will focus mainly on higher education with a focus on both academic and vocational learning at higher levels.

For more details view the dedicated project website.

We have a strong UK partnership with; University Vocational Awards Council (UVAC), FE Sussex, Include.org (a specialist inclusion charity).

We are also working with European partners: University of Thessaly (Greece), Kainotomia (Greece), University of Turin (Italy) Institute for the Deaf Turin (IST) and Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University (Turkey).

For more details of our partners click here

We will keep you updated on our progress with IDEAL through the Cogito LinkedIn page.