EdTech: 21st Century Training and Online Learning

The world of training and learning is fast changing, with new technologies creating ever more opportunities to reduce costs and improve training quality. Cogito understands the way the training market is moving, so we have ensured we are equipped to serve customers who require a technological solution within their training or qualification. 

We are experts in training, so can offer more than just technology. Cogito’s approach ensures a learning solution first and foremost, with the technology used as a supporting tool to maximise investment and experience.


What we can help with:

Virtual Reality

  • Development of VR content for educational applications
  • Creation of VR training environments 
  • Integration of VR into existing courses/qualification (e.g. for assessment)
  • Technology consultancy
Online Learning
  • Development of online and digital qualifications/courses for industry and education
  • Integration and re-purposing of existing qualifications and courses for becoming online ready – COVID-19 packages
  • Quality Assurance consultancy for online learning and assessment
  • Technology and infrastructure consultancy