Our Mission

The aim of Cogito Development Projects is to provide clients with cost effective and professional support for innovation of new projects and management of existing projects.

At Cogito we are passionate about raising the achievement potential for individuals, especially young people who are at a disadvantage. Cogito is particularly committed to the facilitation of organisations that have a strong social commitment and to the promotion of opportunities for education, enterprise or employment

In 2014 Cogito created a new partner company ESquared, (E2 Enterprise and Employability). This is a social enterprise which strives to promote enterprise and employability across the education sector, encouraging children, young people and those at a disadvantage to engage in an entrepreneurial and business focussed mind set. www.enterprise360.me

Our Commitment

Cogito values the contribution of a diverse community of staff, associates and partners, who respect one another and the different contributions they can make to achieve the companies mission to support and develop projects in education, business start-up, training and social enterprise.

Cogito aims to work ethically and safely and to provide a quality service to all our clients and partners.

Cogito Development Projects seeks to proactively support new social enterprises or community projects with limited capacity to expand their operations and income streams by operating on a shared risk basis.

No charge is made for consultancy to help develop a social enterprise or community project unless it is additional work, costed within a successful tendering bid.