Our Team

Breda Leyne - Consultant Partner

Breda has specialised in work based learning and skills development for over 15 years. She has particular expertise in developing qualifications and designing packages of learning which meet employers skills requirements.

Key Specialities:

Skills Development

Training Analysis

Employer and Provider brokerage

Accreditation of training programmes

Capacity Building

Project Management


Business Start-up

Stephan John - Consultant Partner

Stephan is an experienced senior manager in the education and learning development field with extensive strategic and project management experience and proven leadership of commercial training and education development.

Key Specialities:

Qualification Framework Development.

TVET reform.

Qualification Development.

Occupational Sandards Development.

Quality Assurance.

Teacher Training.

Project Evaluation.

Andre Mostert - Consultant Partner

Andre has over his career been engaged in teaching and developing courses across most business and commercial subjects for different audiences from enterprise resources for primary, secondary schools, further education colleges and Higher Education. 

Key Specialities:

Proven funding and bidding submissions capability.

Effective development and management of multiple projects.

Developing vocational qualifications, curriculum and training programmes with employers.

Strategic, operational and financial support for start-up business.

Business improvement procedures and systems with employers and education managers.

Standards development and drafting skills.

Rob Allison - Associate Consultant

Rob is an Engineer by training with experience in design, systems and testing. He provides project development consultancy, enabling clients to take the first steps in moving their ideas forward. He is capable of bringing technical oversight to a project and has a unique systems thinking approach to break down complex projects.

Key Specialities:

Funding sourcing and bidding submissions

Business development capability, with experience on international trade missions

Project evaluations and monitoring 

Technical communication and specification 

Project Management


Dr Tim Pascoe - Associate Consultant

Dr Tim Pascoe has been a Community Safety Researcher for over 25 years carrying out qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation investigating crime prevention and crime reduction issues and investigating community interventions and solutions. 

Key Specialities:

Consult with all sectors of the community

Facilitate networking and sharing of knowledge between members of your organisation

Evaluate your structures and delivery targets

Basic crime prevention applied

School security


Richard Poole - Associate Consultant

To support learning and development opportunities for individuals within small businesses and colleges through compliance with quality regulations and standards

Key Specialities

Strategic review of higher education provision

Due diligence review of partnership opportunities in HE

HE Partnership liaison negotiation

Investigation into Maladministration, Malpractice and Academic Malpractice

Maintenance and improving of education quality and compliance

Quality Policy and Process review

Development of qualification units of assessment (UK and overseas)

Mapping of in-house training and existing qualifications

Facilitation of training courses
Data record management and reporting

Sam Marchant - Associate Consultant

Sam has successfully launched and scaled an international FMCG business from scratch. His experience and in-depth knowledge of scaling businesses by accessing private and government funding, identifying new market opportunities and enhancing the efficiency of global supply chains enables him to support clients to grow their ideas, businesses or projects further.

Key Specialities:

Successful funding sourcing and bidding submissions with private investors and government initiatives

Business development, growth and scaling capability within international markets

Strategic project creation, evaluating and reporting

Development and implementation of global supply chains

Advanced experience in leading high level sports teams and implementing innovative sports science interventions to improve athletic performance

International project management