STEM 4 Tech – With PQSM (Prof Turner) – Education Innovation, STEM Careers.

Over the past three years through the Nuffield Foundation research placements programme ( and the team have demonstrated its potential as a scalable STEM based career development methodology. Further, the piloting activities have also shown the potential of the model to mobilise futurology studies into classrooms, as a boost to the STEM career development agenda that is recognised as key to workforce development of most countries.

The STEM3.0Futures consortium is committed to the vision of the Paris Declaration and through this its wide and diverse networks aims to develop the STEM3.0Futures model for different educational contexts across the EU. The model allows for the mobilisation of science, technology and social volunteering to create a vibrant and effective process for promoting STEM Careers. The underlying slogan for the model is ‘Putting the T in STEM’, in recognition that the focus is largely on social applications of technology and Futurology in classrooms and schools. The STEM3.0Futures consortium has embraced the ethos of the Paris Declaration and has designed a work package based structure that supports the EU partners to learn from STEM career best practice as applied by the Nuffield Foundation through partnership with CICUK (UH Incubator SME) and Eduqual, and to allow all to ‘cooperate and coordinate, to exchange experiences and to ensure best ideas and practices can be shared throughout the European Union’. Fundamental to the STEM3.0Futures model is the creation of an inclusive educational framework that mobilises futurology and other STEM based activities to promote a teaching and learning structure that supports equality, addresses gender bias in STEM and STEM careers, and allows learners to engage in socially productive activities, develop civic competencies and meets the demands of the rapidly changing world of work