Health and fitness, educational innovation, childhood obesity.

Project Development Objective: LoF4PE is model developed out of the LoF initiative that was originally supported in the UK by the NHS Innovation Fund. LoF4PE aims to expand and develop the model as a tool for addressing childhood obesity challenges. Using a diverse and eclectic points based system that is sympathetic to the pupils and students initial context.

This innovative team-based health programme aims to improve and promote engagement with Physical Education (PE) enhancing well-being, assisting PE teachers through motivating pupils and students to participate in PE activities in schools across the EU. Through LoF4PE healthy lifestyles, promoting exercise and improved well-being will become a central tenet of PE in schools. As schools adopt the model inter schools competition will result in PE and Sport becoming central school live once again, and the combination of ICT through wearables, will promote interest and engagement and ‘get kids active’ and create a competitive environment where all young people can participate due to the weighted management paradigm i.e. a child struggling with weight can make a bigger contribution to the team’s position with minor weight loss, or small improvement in fitness level.