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Cultauriture is a concept coined by Bob Lisney OBE, Chief Executive of the Public Monuments and Statues Association in the UK. Cultauriture grew out of the work by Professor Russell Kaschula in his seminal work to promote and enhance the capture, nurturing and maintenance of oral cultures. Through this work he conceptualised and developed technauriture; his work in this area culminated in a paper titled – From Oral Literature to Technauriture: What’s in a Name (2011) published as part of the World Oral Literature Project: Voices of Vanishing Worlds. 

The term technauriture endeavoured to address the need, as identified by Kaschula, for a ‘theoretical paradigm… to better understand this mixing of genres and technologies’. Technauriture as paradigm offered the practitioners and producers of oral material a framework for conceptualisation of the interface, or the three dialectic between primary and secondary orality and technology.  Lisney recognised the potential of this in terms of technologizing of culture in general, and by introducing the term Cultauriture he has endeavoured to expand the technauriture paradigm and to address the relationship between technology and culture. Technauriture offers a conceptual base for wider application to the digitisation of culture, in order to achieve this the development team have subsumed technauriture into Cultauriture, and capitalised it in recognition of the importance of effectively mobilising the concept and recognising that technology is becoming a defining element of contemporaneous human existence.